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Not worth buying!!! Il est nul!!!!!

Are negative stars an option?

Wate of time. Waste of money. They are selling you Google translate. (which is free) It never works. Any of it. There are other free ones. It is rated 17+. lazy, stuupid people made it. Whoever made this should be ashamed of themselves. If the creator or anyone who still wants to buy this is reading this voice of reason go jump off a cliff. Now.


Where is RUSSIAN Language??

Because it is quick and easy

Why use this over a free web based translator? I like it because it is much easier and faster. No resizing (in a browser), no wasted time finding the bookmark to get there, and instant translations in many languages. Sure, its not as accurate as a real human translation, but Im not hiring a human translator to follow me around. It fills the gap that the iLingo apps have. Those apps rock for seeing and hearing phases that are already in the app, but what about words and phrases that arent in them? That is where this app really shines. Ive used this app on my Mac for years, and an iPhone version is even more useful.

Great app, but....

Ive been looking for a mobile translator that you can just type in the specific words or phrases you need translated for quite some time. I finally found it! However, like with 99% of the computerized translators, the translations are not 100% accurate. But this one is pretty close. Im a Spanish major in college and my school requires us to take a second language as well. Mine is Italian. Thank goodness for the iPhone and this helpful application!! So far Ive been doing well on all of my Italian tests! Thanks!

Best translator

Just what I have been looking for. I wanted this for my job. Only problem you need wifi or 3g out and about and I dont have that at work. So now this app is the deciding factor on wether or not I am going to upgrade to the iPhone 3g. And now I am.

False advertising

This may be a great app but under languages it says Chinese as the very first after English. After purchase Chinese is not on the list. Wonderful Im in Shanghai. Thanks for nothing, at least for this trip.

Deceptive advertising

Site indicates Russian as language but no Russian in app. Very disappointing!

I dont buy apps because of trash like this

This is just a waste of time and space in my phone. It uses google translator and always, when i try to translate something it tells me cannot be translated because google cant understand the tex. Gimme a break! It was just one word.. do u really think that google is not working here??? Also if you are doing a lite version, do it free! So we can see if its worth it...

Simply the Best Translator Available

This translater supports 16 different languages. Its a great tool if you travel overseas allot and find yourself in need of communicating in different languages. This app allows you to do just that. You simply type a sentence then choose the language you want the sentence translated to. It makes it very easy to communicate using 16 different language options. This is a great app if you Do allot of overseas traveling. Also allows you the ability to send email translations to anyone via SMTP.

Can u add one thing

Id give a 5 but there needs to b some thing that allows you to see verbs conjugations. I went to mexico and the verb tenses were all wrong

Did not work

I downloaded this app to help with two exchange students staying with us from Osaka Japan. They did not understand anything this program output into "Japanese". It was totally useless and I am going to delete it.

Ok app

Overall seems ok but there are some things I tryied spanish-german and some things werent correct in eighter language or english-german I just poked around more/less could be updated to be correct and Japanese can use romanisations Peas fix the errors in the app

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